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E-modules to hone your communicative skills for teaching in English

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In this last of our four-part series on communicative skills for teaching in English, we present an e-module on teaching-related writing, which is available on the ILIAS Continuing Education learning platform.

Writing skills for teaching in English

Good teaching and clear communication in a foreign language also requires clear writing. This e-module addresses five topics: teaching statements, catchy course descriptions, transparent syllabi, handouts/exercise sheets, and written feedback for students. Each topic contains a mix of video tutorials, review questions, and language handouts. Via the e-module, participants can submit samples of new or existing pieces of teaching-related writing and receive feedback from the EMI team on clarity and language accuracy. This e-module has been designed for those new to teaching in English as well as more experienced teachers seeking feedback on existing materials in English.

Beyond these e-modules

If you missed the previous articles on lecturing, student interaction or general language skills, check those out as well. Finally, we would like to highlight that a classroom observation with detailed feedback is an additional option to reflect on and develop your teaching in English skills. To find out more, visit our website or contact us at to inquire further.

All the best in your future teaching endeavors!

Gregg Dubow

Sprachlehrinstitut - English Medium Instruction

Dr. Susanne Gundermann

Sprachlehrinstitut - English Medium Instruction