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E-modules to hone your communicative skills for teaching in English

Im Notizblog Lehre erhalten Sie Einblicke in die Lehrpraxis der Universität Freiburg sowie aktuelle Nachrichten zu Themen der Lehre. Der Notizblog Lehre führt die Impulswerkstatt Lehrqualität weiter, die seit 2010 Ideen, Erfahrungsberichte und aktuelle Informationen zu Lernen und Lehren gesammelt hat.

Redaktionell wird der Notizblog von der Abteilung Lehrentwicklung der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg betreut.


In this third of a four-part series on communicative skills for teaching in English, two e-modules dedicated to general language skills are introduced. The e-modules are available to teachers on the ILIAS Continuing Education and Open Educational Resources (OER) learning platform.
Do you speak Denglish or English?

Germans can be quite paranoid about how correct or natural their English sounds.  Well, the truth of the matter is, most students don’t really care as long as concepts are clearly explained and questions are dealt with in a transparent manner. Language errors occur (dropped s or mispronunciation) and generally pose no barrier to communication except for rare cases in which confusion can ensue (false friends). This e-module addresses some typical errors German speakers make in English with particular focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, and idiomatic language. By working through this e-module, you can learn about some typical Denglish ‘errors’ and even diagnose whether you have any tendencies towards Denglish.

Teaching in English – Prosody to enhance meaning and effect

This e-module looks at the notion of “it’s not what you say but HOW you say it”. The resources focus on emphasis, pausing, and intonation and how these prosodic features can enhance meaning and effect. Employing such interaction skills can help certain messages stand out better.

Beyond these e-modules

Request a classroom visit to receive expert feedback on the clarity of your language use for teaching in English with an international student body. If desired, a classroom visit can be followed up with one-on-one coaching sessions to fine-tune aspects of language use.

Be on the lookout next month when we delve into the role of writing in teaching, the last of our four-part series on communicative skills to enhance student learning in your English-taught class.

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Gregg Dubow

Sprachlehrinstitut - English Medium Instruction


Dr. Susanne Gundermann

Sprachlehrinstitut - English Medium Instruction